Stephanie J. West-Puckett

writing, teaching, studying digital writing and rhetorics


I am an assistant professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Rhode Island where I direct the First Year Writing Program. My research focuses on equity, access, and diversity in writing curriculum and assessment, and I specializes in writing program administration and digital, queer, and maker-centered composition and assessment practices. My dissertation, Materializing Makerspaces: Queerly Composing Space, Time, and (What) Matters is the 2018 winner of the College Composition and Communication Lavender Rhetorics award for queer interventions in writing studies theory and practice. In addition, my scholarship has been published in College English, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education: English/Language Arts Education,  Education Sciences, Journal of Multimodal Rhetoric as well as in several edited collections.

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