Stephanie West-Puckett

writing, teaching, studying new media and digital rhetorics

About Me

Stephanie Head Shot

My research explores the intersections of digital rhetorics, science and technical writing, and material and cultural rhetorics, investigating the practices of making, crafting, and composing in academic, professional, and civic networks. I am passionate about innovative, critical pedagogies in the teaching of writing and, as Associate Director of the Tar River Writing Project at ECU, write and manage grants that build university/school/community collaborations to leverage technologies for student, teacher, and community empowerment.

As a non-tenure track faculty member, I have taught writing at East Carolina University for the past fourteen years  and am finishing my PhD in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication in spring 2017 with a focus on how composers make knowledge in both online and off-line maker spaces. My digital writing research has appeared in journals like Education Science and in the books The Next Digital Scholar: A Fresh Approach to the Common Core State Standards in Research and Writing and Assessing Students Digital Writing: Protocols for Looking Closely. My recent article on digital badging in the writing classroom traces the intersections between writing assessment and social justice and appeared in the November issue of College English.

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