Stephanie J. West-Puckett

writing, teaching, studying digital writing and rhetorics

Everyday Writing

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To celebrate National Day on Writing yesterday (10.20.10), I compiled my texts, emails, blog revisions, Foursquare Check-ins, Facebook posts, Tweets, and handwritten notes to create this Wordle.  This is a celebration of the ways that writing is woven into the fabric of my everyday personal and professional life and an acknowledgment of the importance of digital writing and new new media in constructing myself as a writer.

Wordle: Everyday Writing

Author: Stephanie

I am an assistant professor of Writing and Rhetoric and director of First Year Writing at the University of Rhode Island. I received my PhD in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication from East Carolina University. My dissertation research analyzes the knowledge-making practices of composers in both online and off-line maker spaces, and my digital writing research has appeared in journals like College English and Education Science and in the books The Next Digital Scholar: A Fresh Approach to the Common Core State Standards in Research and Writing and Assessing Students Digital Writing: Protocols for Looking Closely.

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