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Writing as Making

Join the Conversation

Watch Elyse Aidman-Aadahl, NWP Director of National Programs and Site Development, make beautiful connections between writing and making in the Writers at Work Series that originally aired July 2, 2013. Add your comments in one of two ways:

  • Watch the video on the big screen. Make comments on stickie notes using one stickie note per comment. Make sure to note the time elapsed so you can add it to the corresponding time on the physical video timeline.
  • Put in your earbuds, and cue up the video here at Vialogues. Sign up and login to leave comments at any point in the video.

Gallery Walk: Physical and Virtual

Take a look at the comments others have left in both the digital and analogue conversations. What resonates with you? What should we discuss?

Discussion Points

Make an Introduction

We are all makers, and the maker movement asks us to unabashedly flaunt our maker moxie. So to get us started in this pop-up maker space, let’s start by making an introduction. There are several materials and tools in the room, including your peers. Use them to make a statement about who you are and what you make in the world. If you choose to go digital, consider using some of these digital writing apps that folks made with last summer in the NWP Making Learning Connected #clmooc.
When finished, share our a link or snap a pic and tweet it out to #NWPAM13.


The maker movement helps us think about how we can spark creation, iteration, and collaboration in process-centered writing spaces. Maker logics disrupt the ideas of textual ownership and deconstruct the notion of a lone writer working inside her head to make meaning in the world. Instead, maker logics acknowledge the collective power of shared purpose and invite continual riffing, reworking, and, oftentimes, repurposing and remediating, of products.

Let’s Try It Out

Randomly–because change and ambience are always part of any composing process– pick someone’s introduction to remix. If you chose a play doh introduction, maybe you’ll want to remix the arrangement or the elements. Maybe you’ll add something new or take something away. Perhaps you’ll take a picture and annotate the picture in Skitch or another tool. If you choose someone’s Visify bio, maybe you’ll use Mozilla Xray Googles to hack and rewrite their webpage. Permission yourself to completely unmake and remake something new from the base elements of the text.


What was that process like for you? How did that feel to unmake someone else’s make or have your own make unmade? Was it different for analogue and digital texts? How might this work (or not) in other writing spaces?

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